Polymer Clay Carnival Australia 2019

This is a 3 day event being held in beautiful port city of Fremantle, Western Australia.  I'll have 4 workshops on offer:

Drought In The Outback - Creating crackle pods, tubes and spikes.

Resist This - A delicious dive into alternative crackle.

Traffic Hazzard - Gorgeous hand painted and embellished polymer clay cones.

Birds of the Outback - Alternative feathers perfect for your wall.

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Clay Out West 2019

This event is being run in Albuquerque, New Mexico from 30 Sept - 3 October 2019.  I'll be sending out a newsletter with registration details soon - otherwise you can check out the Clay Out West Facebook page.

Here is my workshop description:

Birds In The Outback

You could be forgiven for thinking Australia is a vast expanse of “nothingness” full of red dirt and sheep or cattle.  In fact, Australia is home to many beautiful birds.  One of the rarest birds on this planet  just happens to live in the Australian Outback – The Outback Polymer Pigeon.  We’re going to attempt to replicate the amazing feathers from this bird which won’t be easy but, with guidance and a little bit of artistic creativity, I know we can do it.

I’ll be sharing a few different veneer techniques, incorporating silkscreening, stencils and foils.  I’ll also share with you, my technique for constructing the feather and applying additional “art bits” to create a truly unique look. Finally, I’ll be demonstrating how to create a professional finish which will turn your feather from “ho-hum” to “woaw-yum”.

I sure hope you can join us!


Outback Blooms Mullewa 2019

Workshop for Mullewa residents and friends.  Exact workshop content yet to be confirmed.  The workshop will be held on August 30 2019.


Denver Workshops 2019

I'll be teaching this year at The Great Create in Denver, United States on 11, 12 and 13 October.  Lisa Lambright is organising this teaching event for me and knowing Lisa and her exceptional organisation skills...it's going to be awesome!!  I've got 3 separate projects lined up (a different project for each day) and they are choc-o-block full of content.  If you want to see what's on offer please contact Lisa via email at llambright@thegreatcreate.com and pop "Fabulous Debbie" as the subject line (oh and that was Lisa's subject line by the way haha).

A little bird also told me we may have a little Christi F bird popping in to say hi as well - too much fun for one little Aussie!!


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