Brisbane Workshops Day 1 – You Crack Me Up!

Get creative with alcohol inks and a unique crackle that is oh-so! yummy.  Our main aim in the workshop is to create with alcohol inks and highlight its versatility by demonstrating a range of techniques on both raw and cured clay.  I’ll show you firstly how to create crackle leaves where we can explore shape and colour to our hearts content.  We’ll then work on a range of veneers using alcohol ink, powders and foils and can then mix and match these veneers with our crackle to create some exciting combinations.  I’ll demonstrate a range of feature components that can be incorporated into our finished pieces, specifically looking at scale, colour, shape and also inclusions/additions to the surface.  We’ll spend some time discussing and demonstrating how to finish our pieces and will then finally explore knotting, free form wire work and hand forging wire to pull everything together to create unique, one-off pieces.  My aim is to have at least two finished pieces by the end of the day, although those wanting to follow their own creative journey are encouraged to do so. 

All materials including inks, powders, foils, wire and cording are including in the cost of the workshop.


Brisbane Workshops Day 2 – Resist This!

Ahhhh crackle galore – but a different kind of crackle you’ll find hard to resist.  Alcohol inks feature heavily in the class today and will see us explore the use of resists to create a range of veneers.  I’ll be demonstrating 5 different veneer techniques.  Once you understand the technique, there’ll be free time to experiment to see what else you can come up with.   I anticipate our morning will be spent creating our veneer pallet which we’ll then be able to use  in our afternoon session.  I’ll be sharing my process for creating shards and will demo how I use these shards in a range of different projects.  Firstly I’ll show you how to create a looped wire necklace using one of our newly made shards.  Once you learn the looping process there’s no end to how this can be used in your finished pieces.  We’ll also look at composition of shards with found objects and will incorporate both to create a stunning pendant with wire bails.  The last demo for the day will be the knotted bag which can encase shards, stones, found objects etc.  These are incredibly popular at the moment and you can create jewellery pieces, tree charms, bag charms etc using this knotting technique and/or incorporate into other finished jewellery designs.    All alcohol inks, cords, wire, specialty products etc will be included in the cost of this workshop. 


Brisbane Workshops Day 3 – Forget Me Knot!


Spend the day with me exploring the wonders of Ironlak Alcohol Ink.  I’ll be sharing a technique with you I discovered while using these inks and I’m hoping you’ll be as excited about this as I am.  These inks are unlike the other brands on the market so it’s important to understand what they can and can’t do – I’ll happily share my knowledge with you.  We’ll firstly create a range of veneers using 3 different ink techniques.  Once you understand the concept there’ll be time to explore and advance on the original idea.  I’ll be showing you how to create a unique “laced” pendant where you can use either one, two or a combination of your veneers.  The laced pendant will be finished with a beautiful knotted neck cord with feature beads.  I’ll also demo two different knotting techniques to create a tasselled look which complements these veneers perfectly.   We’ll also look at drawing back into our cured veneers, we’ll cover finishing the backs, sanding and glazing. The possibilities here are endless.

All Ironlak Alcohol Ink products, cording and specialty beads will be included in the cost of the workshop

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