Debbie-Crothers-Polymer-Clay-Tutorial-Organic-Embossing Powder-Pendant-Texture-Unique-Statement-Jewellery-Jewelry-Instructor

New Tutorial Scrappy Stripes Finished Project with Instructions

I recently posted a video tutorial showing how I created a veneer using scrappy stripes, embossing powder and texture.  You can access the YouTube video tutorial here: Polymer Clay Veneer with Embossing Powder and Texture and this is what you’ll end up with. It occurred to me some of you may not know how to…

Debbie-Crothers-Polymer-Clay-Artist-Instructor-Scrappy Stripes-Components-Jewellery-Jewelry-Handmade-Clay-Texture-Tutorial

Free Tutorial – Embossing Powder and Texture with Polymer Clay

Hi all, This is a very quick blog post this morning to tell you about the new free tutorial on YouTube.  I managed to find time to get this one done yesterday – after a few full-on weeks in the studio playing with embossing powders and polymer clay.  Gosh who had any idea there was…


Sorting the Studio and New Pendants

I recently had a massive cleanout in the studio and sorted everything.  It all got rearranged and labelled (yes I’m obsessive) and dusted and wiped…you get the picture…huge cleanout.  Well I found all sorts of goodies in boxes and bags and hidden in cupboards – hmmm way too much.  I decided to get it out,…

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