Workshops – Upcoming Colorado Workshops

I’ll be heading overseas in October and the amazingly talented Lisa Lambright from The Great Create has extended a very warm welcome for me to teach at her workshop space/studio.  The final details aren’t confirmed yet but as soon as they are I’ll pop them in a newsletter to you.  I’ve been playing around with…


Polymer Clay Work – Some New Finished Pieces Featuring Swellegant Veneers

This week I decided to use up some of the Swellegant veneers that have been sitting on my desk…for quite a while now I might add.  I had a range of veneers to work with including the Swellegant range, some foiled veneers, inky texture and crackle.  I created some simple shield pendants and then mixed…


Polymer Clay Work – Featuring Swellegant and MOIKO Silkscreen Veneers

Today I decided to use some of the Swellegant veneers that are covering my desk…there are so many of them! I love mixing the Damask silkscreens with the rusty crackle – what a great combination (well I love it). As usual, let’s just check out the pics.


Tutorial – Swellegant Tutorials (Warning – loads of pics)

For those who didn’t want to sit through the video, I thought I would share some pics of what’s included in each video tutorial. Cobblestone Techniques – Video #1 Working with Kato clay and Swellegant Metal Coatings   Raw and Rusty Techniques – Video #2 Working with Premo and Kato clay and Swellegant Metal Coatings,…

Tutorial – Explorations in Swellegant – New Tutorials and Prizes

Hey everyone, Phew what a crazy time it’s been here with Chrissy and New Year, visitors, family parties and general fun stuff!! My Tuesday routine has gone out the window but next Tuesday it’s business as usual (or should I say clay play as usual – woohooooooo!!). So what have I been busy with? Well…