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Tutorial: MOIKO Silk Screen, Paint & Alcohol Ink

MOIKO Silk Screens are very delicate and should be treated with care, so putting alcohol ink on them is something I’m probably not too keen on doing.  I’m using alcohol inks in the tutorial today so I’m going to show you how to use them without damaging your screens. What MOIKO Silk Screen Should I…

Debbie-Crothers-Polymer-Clay-Tutorial-Silk Screen-Pan Pastel-Polymer-Clay-paint-mica-powder-"Ghost" design

Tutorial: MOIKO Silk Screen, Polymer Clay “Ghost” Design

Creating gorgeous polymer clay veneers using Silk Screens and paint have been around for many years.  I’m going to show you something I like to call a “ghost” design which a really nice variation on the basic silk screen/paint process. I’m going to show you the process in it’s simplest form which you can then…

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Tutorial: Polymer Clay, Moiko Silk Screen; Raised Texture

Creating an illusion of texture is another way we can use our silk screens with exciting results.   My thought process has always been – how many different ways can I use this product; silk screens were no exception.  The process of silk screening acrylic paint onto raw polymer clay is a brilliant one, but how…


Tutorial: Polymer Clay, Moiko Silk Screen, Mica Powder & Foil

This veneer is simply a variation on the mica powder silkscreen where foil is added as a final step.  It’s important to choose a screen with a large mica powder areas.  This means we want a screen with a design which allows maximum areas of powder to be transferred to the clay (ie not just…

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Tutorial: Polymer Clay, Moiko Silkscreens and Mica Powder

Using mica powder with a silkscreen can create some stunning effects, especially if you’re using a dark coloured clay.  I find I much prefer mica powders on a darker clay surface and this process is no exception. The process I’ve used here is almost identical to the chalk pastel/powders but I’m going to show you…


Tutorial: Polymer Clay,Moiko Silk Screens and Pastels/Powders

Let’s have a look at how easy it is to use a Moiko SilkScreen with pastels and/or powders.  I’ll be using chalk pastels in this process but you can substitute for Pan Pastels, oxide powders or any other powder/pastel with fine particles.  There are some important tips right at the end of this post. It’s…


Polymer Clay Work – Featuring Swellegant and MOIKO Silkscreen Veneers

Today I decided to use some of the Swellegant veneers that are covering my desk…there are so many of them! I love mixing the Damask silkscreens with the rusty crackle – what a great combination (well I love it). As usual, let’s just check out the pics.