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My Polymer Clay Story

Let me tell you a little about my polymer clay story. Let’s start at the beginning…. My polymer journey started a long time ago and I fell head over heals from the moment I touched this medium.  I joined an Aussie forum and was probably the pesky “new kid on the block” asking all the…


Inspiration: The Polymer Pebbles Project – Time to Relax

Oh it really is time to relax!! Let me share with you my creative, relaxing process. Visual Diary Exploration Is there a relationship between what you create and how it makes you feel?  This is a question I had never really contemplated before. My desire to explore this saw me pull out the visual diary…


Inspiration – Working to Nurture Happiness

This is very much a spur of the moment blog post – I’m on a quest for happiness in the studio.  I have a feeling if I write this down it may help both myself and perhaps someone else. My clay table has been a flurry of activity lately as I’ve been creating new pieces…

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Tutorial – Scrappy Stripes

I recently posted a video tutorial showing how I created a veneer using scrappy stripes, embossing powder and texture.  You can access the YouTube video tutorial here: Polymer Clay Veneer with Embossing Powder and Texture and this is what you’ll end up with. It occurred to me some of you may not know how to…


Polymer Clay Work – Crab Claw Necklace

Crab claws certainly send my heart racing.  Check out some of the recent ones my eldest son brought home for me.  Incorporating them into unique, art jewellery pieces is quite a passion of mine and I’ve got quite a collection of them now.  These two pieces came about as part of an online art exhibition…


Polymer Clay Work – Bohemian Inspired Polymer Clay Leaves and Earrings

I watched a movie just recently called Plastic Ocean and I have to say, it had a huge impact on me.  I won’t go into all the details but let’s just say my attitude towards what I create and how much I create has changed incredibly.  Rather than create a pile of things which will…


Polymer Clay Work – Featuring Swellegant and MOIKO Silkscreen Veneers

Today I decided to use some of the Swellegant veneers that are covering my desk…there are so many of them! I love mixing the Damask silkscreens with the rusty crackle – what a great combination (well I love it). As usual, let’s just check out the pics.