Tutorial – Experimenting with Ironlak Alcohol Inks, Mylar and Polymer Clay

Hi all, I’ve been experimenting with alcohol ink again – yay!!!  It’s actually been a really busy time personally with not much studio time which has sent me a little crazy I must admit.  So yesterday I decided to clean away everything on my table which meant packing up the Ironlak Alcohol Inks and I…


Polymer Clay Work – Ink Love Tutorial Pieces

I’m so in love with alcohol ink – they are exciting and vibrant and can do sooooooo much. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of explorations and experiments as I’ve continued working with alcohol inks and polymer clay.  I’ve been playing with all sorts of things and have been pushing the medium to…


Polymer Clay Work – Bohemian Inspired Polymer Clay Leaves and Earrings

I watched a movie just recently called Plastic Ocean and I have to say, it had a huge impact on me.  I won’t go into all the details but let’s just say my attitude towards what I create and how much I create has changed incredibly.  Rather than create a pile of things which will…

Inspiration – Veneers; What Can I Do With Them?

Stuck for ideas on what to do with all those beautiful polymer clay veneers you’ve just created?  I have a few ideas, there are many more but these might get you thinking. Let’s start with some wall art.  Create simple wall art pieces from those veneers that are too beautiful to cut up, or go…


Polymer Clay Work – Featuring Swellegant and MOIKO Silkscreen Veneers

Today I decided to use some of the Swellegant veneers that are covering my desk…there are so many of them! I love mixing the Damask silkscreens with the rusty crackle – what a great combination (well I love it). As usual, let’s just check out the pics.