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Woohoo!!! how much fun did I have working with a Wavy Blade!

I recently got my hands on a Lucy Struncova Wavy Blade and decided to have a play around to see what I could create.  I was actually surprised at some of the results…so much so, I had to share them with you.

I’ve had my very capable tutorial tester work on this one and she ended up creating some amazing pieces.  I know you will too.  Just remember, practice makes perfect and the more you create, the better you will get.  Think about other ways you can use these slices as well. I’ve only incorporated them into 3 dimensional pieces but how many ways can you use them to create veneers??

You can purchase the blade here:  Lucy Struncova Wavy Blade

Let’s Have a Look to See What’s Included

Comprehensive tools and materials list (nothing fancy needed for this one).

Instructions on how to create the following:

  • Scrap core beads with and without thread hole.
  • 4 different blended cane options plus a slicing variation.
  • Comprehensive instructions and images on how to create 4 different pod beads and a cone bead.
  • Image and instructions on how to create 12 beads with variations.

After purchase you will receive an email from my website containing your pdf attachment.  The pdf contains your step-out tutorial and instructions.  Save this pdf file in a safe location on your computer so you can easily find it and gain access at any time.

Remember to check your spam/junk folder if your don’t receive an email immediately.  Please make sure to contact me if you have any issues.




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