Tantalising Tubes – A Polymer Clay Tutorial



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Creating striped veneers and tubes has been such a passion of mine for a long time.  I find the veneers incredibly versatile and the tubes can be as complex or as simple as you like.

It’s finally time to share some of my tips and tricks to create these gorgeous art beads.

It’s important to note at the beginning I highly recommend using an industrial type heat gun to cure the Kato Liquid Clay. In saying that, you could simply create tubes with striped veneers without the decorative clay element and without the super shiny surface.

What’s Included

Comprehensive tools and materials list.

Instructions on how to create the following:

  • Scrap tube bead
  • Foiled and Crackled foil veneers
  • Striped Veneers
  • Creating a striped tube bead
  • Creating a striped tube bead with decorative surface elements.

I also share basics on how to cure Kato Liquid Clay on a 3 dimensional piece.

Inspirational images showing completed pieces using beads created during the tutorial are shared together with ideas on how to use tube beads in your work.

It’s important to know, step out images on how to create finished pieces is not part of this tutorial, but by all means, please use the images as inspiration for your own work.

After purchase you will receive an email from my website containing your pdf attachment.  The pdf contains your step-out tutorial and instructions.  Save this pdf file in a safe location on your computer so you can easily find it and gain access at any time.

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