Symbolic Beads by Debbie Crothers



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Learn how to create stunning, sculptural symbolic beads using simple molds you can create yourself.  The mold making process is an easy one and you can make select molds to create themed beads (ie ocean themed beads – fish, feet, birds, shells, starfish etc) or select special items that carry specific symbolic meaning (ie tree: strength/life, owl: wisdom, rose: love, dragonfly: change/transformation).

In this tutorial you will learn how to create simple, versatile and very durable molds.  You’ll learn how to create the bead itself and then I’ll show you the colouring process.

After purchase you will receive a pdf file containing the video link to your tutorial.  This will save to your computer downloads.  Keep this pdf file in a safe location on your computer so you can easily find it and gain access to re-watch the tutorial at any time.


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