Polymer Clay Floral Pebbles



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Who doesn’t love flowers?  Imagine creating your own beautiful floral pebbles in colours that make you smile.  Once you learn how to create the flowers and leaves, you can use them in any projects – not just these pebbles.

Let me show you what’s involved in this tutorial:

Creation of pebble bases.

A variety of small sculptured flowers and leaves.

Additional decorative elements.

Putting it all together.

Variations to the flowers and leaves.

Inspirational images – other ways to use your flowers and leaves.

This is a step by step tutorial and runs through the creation of 3 pebbles from start to finish.  This enables me to demonstrate a range of flower variations, leaves and decorative elements all at the same time.

Simple tools and materials are needed for this tutorial, although you will need a range of ball stylus tool sizes. I’m working with a mix of Premo and Kato clay but you can you use whatever clay you have on hand just make sure it’s not too firm.

After purchase you will receive an email from my website containing a PDF attachment.  The PDF contains your step-out tutorial and instructions.  Save this PDF file in a safe location on your computer so you can easily find it and gain access at any time.

Remember to check your spam/junk folder if your don’t receive an email immediately.  Please make sure to contact me if you have any issues.



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