Wrapped Pebble Wall Art featuring Polymer Clay Faux Wood



Step-Out Photograph Tutorial PDF

Learn how to create incredible polymer clay faux wood, together with luscious, wrapped, polymer clay pebbles.  There’s something incredibly relaxing about this combination and I’ve had fun creating this tutorial just for you.

There are a number of creative elements which make up this gorgeous, mini wall art piece.  I’ll be sharing with you a few tips and tricks on how to create a stunning, ocean inspired pebble (completely different to the Beach Pebble Tutorial) which we will then wrap with a polymer clay “stick”, cotton cording and beads.    Included also in this tutorial is the polymer clay faux wood plaque.  These mini plaques look absolutely gorgeous in a grouping on the wall or hanging on a canvas etc.  You certainly don’t have to mount your pebbles on them either – they are perfect to display any of your mini treasures.

This tutorial is project based not technique based and runs through the making of the pebble, stick, faux wood and pebble wrapping from start to finish.

You’ll also find step-out images to create a gorgeous pair of earrings plus inspirational images.

Your tutorial includes:

  • Tutorial overview.
  • Tools and materials list.
  • How to create the pebble.
  • How to create the stick.
  • How to create pebble wrapping with beads.
  • How to create polymer clay faux wood.
  • How to assemble your wall art piece.
  • Bonus Earrings
  • Inspirational Images

After purchase you will receive an email from my website containing your pdf attachment.  The pdf contains your step-out tutorial and instructions.  Save this pdf file in a safe location on your computer so you can easily find it and gain access at any time.

Remember to check your spam/junk folder if your don’t receive an email immediately.  Please make sure to contact me if you have any issues.



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