“When The Mines Run Dry”

A mixed media/found object piece created by Debbie Crothers incorporating animal parts. 

Geraldton held it’s biannual Midwest Art Prize in 2023 and I was honoured to have my latest piece selected for exhibition.

I’m a bit late sharing pics.  In fact have been very lazy with blog posts – does anyone read them anymore???

Anyway, this piece was created with a specific question in mind.  What happens when the mines run dry?

Many animal parts, bones, scales, claws etc have been used here.  This really came together quite organically.  I had a rough idea of how the finished piece would look so pretty much created by eye!


What Animal Parts Were Used in this Piece?

Many of the animal parts were given to me by my son (who is a fisherman).  The large crab claw is from a Champagne Crab which is only found in deep ocean waters.  These are my favourite pieces to use.  Sea urchin spines, crab claws, yabbie claws and crayfish shell feature in this necklace as well. You’ll also find horse hair, emu feathers and sheeps wool.

Some of the more unusual pieces here include, crab eyes, fox teeth, rabbit bones, mouse skeleton and insect parts. I’ve also incorporated bone beads and fish skeleton beads plus many more bits and pieces.

My son has collected many beautiful treasures over the years and I’ve been lucky enough to be able to use them in my work. 

Check out this one using sea urchin spines and driftwood.

And this one incorporating fish bones and crab claws.

Finally, my favourite….super large mixed media art jewellery piece including fish scales, sea urchin spines, claws etc. 

It was such a joy to spend time working on this necklace and will always be special to me.  I hope you like it too.

Bye for now.














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