For the last 12 months or so I’ve  been exploring and experimenting with EFColor low temp enamels and polymer clay.  This has been a really exciting journey for me and I know I still have much more to learn about this product.

What is EFColor Low Temp Enamel?

EFColor Low Temp Enamel is actually a powdered resin and cures to a solid, glossy state when popped into an oven at 150 celcius for 3 to 5 minutes.  I use my benchtop oven to cure EFcolor but there are other ways it can be cured.  A heat gun works well but there is a learning curve to that process and there is still lots I need to explore here.  You can also purchase an EFColor Enamel Stove.

There are a huge range of colours available in opaque, glitter, textural and more.  You can find all available colours online at any good EFColor supplier.

What Can EFColor Do?

I discovered many different ways to use this product with polymer clay – primarily working flat but touching on curved surfaces as well.

EFColor Enamels can be mixed to create your own custom colours and can also be mixed with other product to create unique surface treatments.

You can change the look of this product simply by altering the application methods.  I ended up making my own tools and application set ups to suit what I was doing.  I found a few really good ways to apply the product and how to hold it, cure it etc. You really have to work out what is going to suit you for the application method you’re using.


I’m excited to continue my exploration and will keep you posted of future discoveries.



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