You know I’ve often said over the years, “I don’t normally make earrings”!

I was completely wrong!!  I have made heaps of earrings over the years and I have to say my favourites would have to be the ones incorporating mixed media.

Mixed media to me conjured all sorts of luscious images – I think of feathers, wire, beads, fabric – all the good stuff.  It kinda makes sense to include all this good stuff in a pair of earrings.

Of course there are many pairs I’ve created which are pure polymer clay which I love just as much but the whole mixed media vibe really excites me.

I thought I would share some of the earrings I’ve created over the last couple of years…oh and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  When I searched through my pics I found sooooo many.

At the beginning of 2020 (yes just as Covid began) I started making pebbles.  I wrote a blog post about it actually.

You can read the blog post here:  The Polymer Pebble Project.

Before I began creating these pebbles I started with some smaller ones which I incorporated into earrings.

It was during 2020/21 I went through a BOHO phase.  It seems I’m always drawn back to this style from time to time and it’s always so much fun.  I decided to create a range of earrings using feathers set in the polymer clay itself.

This eventually led to other styles, incorporating wire, found objects and mixed media. Some of these styles are here.

There are also times when I pack everything away and concentrate purely on the clay.  I’ve never really been a polymer purist but I have to say, there’s was something quite special about working this way.   This period of time led me to create a range of mix and match earrings.

It was not long after the mix and match range I started working on The Pod Series.

You can find The Pod Series on my YouTube channel here:  Debbie Crothers YouTube 

If you haven’t heard of this before I created a range of YouTube videos sharing some techniques on how I create pod beads and ways to vary them.  Some of my favourite earrings came from this time of creating – especially the spirals.

So if anyone ever asks me again if I make earrings…I’ll happily say yes!!

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