I love creating large, mixed media art jewellery necklaces!

Incorporating found objects, broken jewellery, fabric, feathers, beads is incredibly exciting (yep, if you know my work you know I love this stuff).

In 2021 the Geraldton Regional Art Gallery hosted the Midwest Art Prize.  This is a pretty big deal for our area and often attracts hundreds of entries.

I decided to enter!

My original concept was to incorporate broken jewellery items, found objects etc into a large, wall art piece.  It was easy enough to set out on my work table but to actually construct the thing was a nightmare.  I just couldn’t get it to work.  Eventually I packed it all away and gave up!

I chatted to a friend of mine about it and she convinced me to try again but she added something important.  She said “Deb, create what you love and just have fun”.

This was music to my ears!

Creating the Necklace

I knew I wanted to tell a story and I knew my story had to be told in an art jewellery piece.  I understand jewellery construction and I had all the tools and supplies on hand so this was a great way forward for me.

Back into the studio I went, this time with renewed energy and started again. I have to say it was the most beautiful process and incredibly rewarding. I had no expectations and that was the best part.

My goal was simply to create, relax and have fun and that’s exactly what I did.

Many special pieces have been included in this necklace.  Some I’ve had for years just waiting for the right time be used.


If you look closely you’ll see fish scales and sea urchin spines.  My gorgeous son Red (the fisherman) provides me with amazing found objects from the ocean.  You’ll also find a few rusty bottle tops from my massive collection which I knew would come in handy one day.

It took me three days to finish this piece and I loved every minute.

I can’t tell you how excited I was  to find out this piece, which meant so much to me, was chosen as a finalist for the Midwest Art Prize and was to be exhibited in the gallery.


Huge thanks to my beautiful friend Lexie for the inspiration and to my very talented friend Rachel for the amazing photographs.

Artist Statement

Hidden Treasures

How many treasures lay hidden in the back of a drawer tucked between folds of fabric or are stashed in an old tin on the top shelf of the cupboard?  Do we even know how valuable some of our collectables are? Items forgotten, broken or simply not needed have been incorporated in this mixed-media, up cycled piece rich in texture, colour and history.  Materials have been manipulated to transform their meaning or value telling a new story.  Look deeply and you may find a special object that triggers a memory, evoking thoughts of family, friends and pleasure from the past.





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