There’s something I’ve always loved about tassels…something quite magical.

The combination of beads, fabric, feathers, wire etc is pure heaven for me – a mixed media delight – and they can be incredibly simple to make.

They are unique, versatile and look amazing combined with polymer clay components.

I often go through stages of incorporating tassels into my work but recently delved even further and created quite a range.

Why not try simply crimping some feathers into a cord end and hang for some truly unique earrings.  Add some fabric and you have a completely different look.  I love to mix and match both fabric, feathers and mixed media pieces to create gorgeous little works of art.

Adding beads, polymer clay cones, wool and dyed fabric can turn your unique pieces  from boring to brilliant.

If chain is added to some found shells or beautiful beads it can easily be incorporated onto the eye pin at the top of the tassel.  Why not try sewing beads or buttons onto some of your fabric or wool – yum!

I should point out there are loads and loads of YouTube videos plus books totally dedicated to making tassels and there are many different ways to create them.  I don’t think there is a right or a wrong way and you could come up with something completely different to suit your making style.

There are so many ways you can use your tassels.  I love to simply bunch them together and hang from a door handle but my fave would have to be incorporated into earrings or necklaces – they can make quite a statement.

I hope you enjoy these pieces.




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