What is it about the miniature world that is so fascinating??  I’ve always had a fascination for miniatures but have never really delved into making them…apart from the odd mini polymer clay flower.

The journey of miniatures began, for me, about 3 or 4 months ago when I purchased a gorgeous ceramic mini vase necklace, complete with mini cork!

I had to make one!!   Hmm that proved easier said than done. My first attempts were dismal – so dismal there were not even photographs taken.  My problem was all in my haste to make a finished piece.  I didn’t stop to think about construction and that was my downfall.

I grabbed out my visual diary and drew up some designs.  Many of the vases around my home were used as inspiration and I chose surface design/decoration which I had used previously in beads.  I considered construction very carefully and used trial and error to come up with shapes/designs I liked and were achievable.

I loved creating these pots so much I decided to create a tutorial on them.  This meant creating more pots for samples etc and I’ve gotta say, it was addictive!

Next came the idea of mini floral arrangements.  Now anyone who knows me knows I’m not a gardener but it’s amazing what you can find when you look on a miniature level.  I found some really cool things to use and spent a day creating arrangements, taking pics, rearranging, more pics etc.  So much fun!!

Next came the idea of creating lasting arrangements.  This was really exciting for me because I could drag out all the mixed media bits and pieces plus I knew I could create some cool polymer clay pieces. I painted sticks, coloured leaves, twirled wire and stripped feathers.  I made polymer spiral, wool tops and polymer flowers, polymer leaves and other bits and pieces.  Once you get started the inspiration flows so my visual diary was always on hand to make notes.

Combing lots of luscious mixed media items filled my heart with joy and I have to say, I have so many ideas, I don’t think I’ll be stopping any time soon.  My little, miniature pot collection and mini floral arrangements are continuing to grow and I’m excited to see what else I can create.

One small idea can evolve to become something quite special.  In my opinion, it’s all about taking the time to stop and think, make some plans and try something new.



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5 months ago

LOVE these! Grouping them together really makes a statement. A little grouping would make a great gift!

Tracey Jones
Tracey Jones
6 months ago

I really love these little pots Debbie and I will also be purchasing the tutorial as soon as it comes out 💕

Carol Roberts
Carol Roberts
6 months ago

These are sooo cute, Deb! And as soon as the tutorial is out, I’ll buy it!

Carmen Mulvey
6 months ago

Great read Debbie. Your little pots are gorgeous. Can’t wait for the tutorial as I have tried many times to make a small pot and just can’t get it right so I need your valued guidance. Thank you.