You know the old saying; “better late than never”?  Well it’s entirely true in this case!

I need to give a huge shout out to the team at Sculpey for their amazing support of our polymer clay community, in particular providing clay for workshops and large events.

Sculpey so very kindly provided clay for workshops in Denver last year and for Christi Friesen workshops in Geraldton late last year also. I know for a fact they also donated to a huge number of other events during 2019.

Without their amazing support, the cost of these workshops would have to increase to allow for the provision of clay for students….or students would need to source and provide their own clay (we all know how difficult this can be when you don’t have a Michaels on your doorstep).

The colours available are stunning and work incredibly well for a variety of techniques.

I’m well aware there are any others who donate time, product, expertise to various workshops and events and I’m certainly not taking anything away from them with my comments here.  I simply want to thank and show my sincere gratitute to Sculpey for their continued support of workshops I have been directly linked with.

Huge thanks Sculpey – I appreciate all you do.






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