Hi everyone,

Who’s up for a challenge?

We are in very trying times at the moment, with communities in lock down, people self isolating and lots of “unknowns”.  I’ve seen some amazing gestures of kindness in our polymer community with artists offering free tutorials to help those with lots of time on their hands and I just love this.

I thought about doing the same but then I wondered if maybe I could offer something a little different – a personal challenge perhaps?

A few years ago I created a range of videos on different ways to use a piece of lace.  I’ve been meaning to do more but just haven’t gotten around to it.

I wonder…instead of doing this myself – I would like to challenge you to do this.

How many different ways can you think to use a piece of lace?

Jot down some ideas and have a play.  Once you get going it’s really easy to continue the thought process and find variations of each little technique and then even more variations.  There are literally too many to mention.  Maybe think of this as a personal challenge. You don’t have to make finished pieces or even cure anything, just photograph your process and then you have a record for future reference.

What if you don’t want to play with lace- what else can you challenge yourself with?

Why not try some of these other suggestions:

Can you tweak a round bead into different shapes?  How many can you come up with?

What texture tools can you find around the house?

How many different shaped “spacer” beads can I make?

Can I use my stencils in a variety of different ways?  (I have an article in a back edition of The Polymer Arts Magazine about this).

How can I manipulate a “tube” shape to create something different?

There are many more – what else can you add to your list?  I have lots more ideas on my list which I’m going to share in the near future and you know, it’s these questions you ask yourself which create exciting work because you push yourself to the limits to try things.  This would have to be my favorite way of working.

If you feel like sharing some other ideas, you can do this in the comment section under this blog post.

Have fun, stay safe, take care and don’t forget to share pics with me.

Love Deb


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