This is very much a spur of the moment blog post – I’m on a quest for happiness in the studio.  I have a feeling if I write this down it may help both myself and perhaps someone else.

My clay table has been a flurry of activity lately as I’ve been creating new pieces using sample veneers for an upcoming tutorial (soon to be released).  Okay I’m the first to admit these pieces aren’t works of art.  They’re certainly not groundbreaking in their design and they don’t have any “story” or amazing design concept – you get the picture.

They are very simple shapes, the colour combinations are interesting but nothing out of the ordinary, they include recycled components (or second hand if you want to call it that) and they are pieces which, I dare say, could be very easily reproduced by anyone (yes certainly no advanced technical ability here).

Today I went to use up more sample veneers and had a thought…”gosh I can’t just keep making the same thing, where is the challenge in that? won’t people expect more of me? will people continue to like what I’m making if it’s all the same blah blah blah?”.

….and I stopped!!

Why oh why did I have these thoughts going through my head when all I wanted to do was play with some clay and make up some simple pieces?  Why do I feel the need to put such high expectations on myself?

Do you have the same thoughts? Do you feel you need to “impress” with your latest creations.  Do you feel you won’t be valued as an artist if you create just for the fun of it?

Why can’t we just make what we want to make and be happy?

Now I’m sure there are many of you who are doing just that – making what you want  and you’re happy in the process…….but do you sometimes feel you need to keep upping the anti every time?

I’ve decided to put a stop to it all. I’ve decided to listen to myself and start doing what my “insides” are telling me.

I’m going to create pieces with simple shapes because that makes me happy.

I’m going to create pieces with simple, uncomplicated colour choices because I really do love that.

I’m 100% sure I’m going to continue using recycled components in my jewellery.  Gosh nothing gives me more joy than searching for those special treasures.

and finally, does it really matter if someone else can easily reproduce or copy what I’ve made?  Surely, if I’m happy that’s all that matters.

So in summary, I’ll continue on my little journey of making myself happy in a stress-free studio surrounded by love, peace and serenity!!

Happy creating everyone.

Love Deb






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Jenny Roya
Jenny Roya
4 years ago

Hi Deb, I’m so glad you wrote this. Ever since I found your videos I’ve been so happy. The craziest thing is that the idea I’ve gone wild about is those chalk beads. You know the ones you roll around the scewer and then roll through the chalk shavings. Then I coat them in liquid clay. I can’t stop making them. I try different colours, then pan pastels around the hole. To me they look like little gardens with holly hocks & cottage flowers. Then today I started thinking the same that I should start doing something else, that it… Read more »

Carol Roberts
Carol Roberts
4 years ago

I agree! Do what makes you happy! If you want to make simple, pretty pieces, go for it. It is easy to forget this and get caught up in What You Should Be Making. Thanks for the reminder. We definitely need more HAPPY in this world. Why not start in our studios!

Lyn Tremblay
Lyn Tremblay
4 years ago

Thanks SO much for this Debbie! It is 5:30 a.m. as I write this from my winter escape (from Canada) in La Paz, Mexico. I brought my clay with me and I do have a project focus in that I have promised to do a demo at an April retreat in Canada when I return. The topic is using ‘found objects’ to texture when working with polymer. Easypeasy for me as that is how I like to ‘play’. But all of a sudden I find myself complicating things by trying to come up with new bead designs and, as you… Read more »