Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve been in the studio and even longer since I’ve written a blog post.  Life has been crazy the last 12 months or so but 2020…well I’ve decided it is time to slow down.

While I took a holiday my mojo also decided it was time to take a holiday and to be honest, it’s been really difficult to get back in the groove.  It was time for a studio day but where to start – gosh I literally had no idea.  What do you do when that happens?  I really didn’t feel like doing anything which needed much thought but knew I wanted to play with some clay.  Out came the visual diary and some paint chips with the idea of creating a nice colour palette – perhaps colours I don’t normally work with. Putting colours together is always a fun thing to do.  Googling colour options provided me with a huge range of colour inspiration.  Sometimes it can be “overload” and quite overwhelming but I just let my eyes skim the screen and found images which made me happy.

Using some of these images as inspiration, I chose colours which appealed to me and which I thought would work well together.

Next I mixed something similar in polymer clay. Now I’m certainly no guru when it comes to colour so didn’t really mind if my polymer didn’t quite match my paint chips – near enough is good enough.

Feathers seem to always pop up in my studio from time to time (I really do love them)  so I thought it might be nice to play around with some feathers and create different designs on each one using a variety of polymer clay colour combinations.

As I was working I kept getting ideas about how I could use these feathers, different design ideas for each feather, different feather shapes etc etc.  Having my visual diary close at hand was invaluable as I could record thoughts as they happened.  This will be fun to read back later and expand on some of the ideas or maybe not – it’s really up to me and how I feel.  Just being creative was what I needed and playing in my visual diary satisfied that need.

This is way out of my comfort zone colour wise and “neatness” wise but it was a really nice challenge to start myself off for the year.

I wonder how you’re challenging yourself this year? Do you create in a visual diary?  How do you find inspiration when your mojo goes walking? There are lots of things we can do to get our mojo back – it’s just making a start which is the hardest part.

Have creating you guys and will see you again soon.

Love Deb



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LuAnn H Kessi
4 years ago

Hey Debbie…..your feathers are so inspiring! They make me want to play with my clay. Thanks so much!

LuAnn in Oregon

Debbie Crothers
Debbie Crothers
4 years ago
Reply to  LuAnn H Kessi

Hey LuAnn, I’m so thankful for your lovely comment. Hope you have fun playing with clay. xxx