Using cake decorating tools for polymer clay has been around for ages and I’ve seen many posts where people have said they’ve purchased numerous cake decorating tools for use with their polymer clay.

I have so many tools in the studio at the moment and I didn’t really think I needed any more until……I found a massive box of cake decorating equipment and magazines at a local second hand store. I think it may have been one of those weekly deals where you buy the mag and then receive a free cutter or stamp or mold etc.  The majority of this equipment hadn’t been used so it was an exceptionally good score.

Okay I had to confess I had no idea there were so many available tools available for cake decorating – what an exciting hobby as well!

You’ll note in the pic above there are shape cutters, molds, textured rolling pins, stencils, stamps and hand held texture tools – and the list goes on.

There was a great range of molds in the box as well – my fave was definiately the feather.  This was a easy to use and I ended up with a gorgeous, thin feather with texture on both sides.  The molds can be baked in as you’ll see in the middle pic and the variety is endless.

The texture tools are also some of my faves.  I’ve created some simple texture on a sheet of clay with the hand held tools which turned out great.  The plastic of the tools doesn’t “stick” to the clay either which was nice.  The small purple and blue stamps you see in this pic are just gorgeous and create the most beautiful textures….I can definitely see myself using these in the future for sure.

There are many more items I could show you but I think you get the idea from this lot.  In saying all this, I would highly recommend keeping an eye out for secondhand cake decorating tools etc.  There was some really surprising finds in this lot that will keep me happy for a while to come yet. I wonder if you’ve had any surprising finds at the second hand store lately???

Happy creating everyone.

Love Deb


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Bev Jackson
Bev Jackson
4 years ago

great stuff, Debbie, thanks!