Hi all,
I’ve been busy lately organising files, samples, laptop images etc and came across a bangle tutorial I created for Australian Beading magazine about 10 years ago.  I’m going to share the images here but must point out they’re not the best quality!!  You’ll get the basic idea.

Now I’m sure many of you know about creating bangles around an armature and there are many different things we can use (depending on the size bangle you want of course).  Egg rings make the perfect armature for my wrist size, they’re readily available and very affordable.

If you haven’t seen or heard of egg rings before you can just google them and you’ll see what I mean.

Begin by creating a thin sheet of clay and press to the inside of the egg ring.  Trim the excess clay from the overlap and neaten the seam with a smoothing tool.

Trim the excess from either edge and texture if at this stage if you like.  I used coarse sandpaper.

Position your egg ring on another long strip of clay which is approx. 2-3mm wider than the egg ring on each side.  Trim the excess clay and smooth the seam.  Gently fold over the edges and press to the inside clay enclosing the egg ring completely.

Smooth all the seams and retexture.

Once you have your egg ring covered you can decorate these however you like.

What else could you use as an armature for a bangle?

I know this is a really simple one but sometimes a simple idea can spark other ideas.

Happy creating you guys.

Love you all

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3 years ago

good idea. Clear instructions, thanks.

amy wasserman
4 years ago

soda cans – i’ve been using them to make the bases.

Karen Green
Karen Green
5 years ago

Such a great idea! Thank you Deb.