Tube beads are probably some of my favourite things to make using polymer clay…well I actually have many favourites but I do love making tubes.  They are just so versatile (hmm I think I’ve either done a blog post on their versatility before or if I haven’t I really need to!!).

I had an idea of creating a large statement piece using just tube beads and a recycled metal choker from the second hand store.  I first began by creating my veneer pallet – this is my favourite thing to do ever!!

Warm, earthy colours were chosen for my veneer pallet with just a hint of purple and burgundy as well.

The next step was to create the tube beads.  I used a variety of veneers and added black polymer end caps on the end of each tube bead to create a harmonious look.

Deciding how to hang the necklace was important.  Normally if a tube bead has a hole smack-bang in the middle it will spin around which I didn’t want.  I could have created these tubes with a thread hole down the length and joined them together using ladder stitch but I didn’t really want that look either.  I decided on two holes in each bead which I could then use a 1mm black cotton cord to thread through.  This means my tubes would cascade nicely down the front of the body.  I created a simple tool to do this job and I think the pictures explain it nicely.

I could then thread the beads onto my cotton cord and tie off onto the up-cycled metal choker which has been covered with textured, black polymer clay and cured.

This has ended up being one of my favourite pieces and I think will stay in my stash forever.

I sure hope you enjoyed the process.





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Beverly Jackson
Beverly Jackson

This is spectacular, Debbie. Wow, I LOVE the veneers. Your work is inspirational, no joke.

Ann Parker

Lovely piece, and great idea for a marking tool, thanks for sharing

Deb Beechy
Deb Beechy

What a cool necklace!

Christy Miller
Christy Miller

Love this Debbie

Donna Wood
Donna Wood

These are great and I like them hanging in front.
Are each of the beads hollow? And you just closed off the ends with black. I like the cohesion the black gives the necklace too.
It’s got my vote.
I’d like to learn how to get the right curve in a tube bead that was going around your neck as well.
I love what you do Debbie, thank you for sharing!

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