I’ve been wanting to do a blog post on my studio set up for a while now but have never quite found the time.  Well…now is the time!!!

I’m lucky enough to have a builder for a hubby which means when the new house was built he included a studio in the main house.  I have a separate entrance through the carport, a little entry way and a storeroom just before the main studio doors.  I can also shut this area of the house off if I’ve got workshops, friends over etc.

I have a main clay table which everything else revolves around.  It’s in my half of the room – oh did I tell you hubby now works from home so has taken half my studio!!!!

I have a beading table sitting right next to the clay table which I’m now leaving all set up (I used to pack this away all the time but I’m going to leave it out while I’m motivated to create finished pieces).  I like to work neat so my clay table gets organised/cleaned on a regular basis.  Everything has it’s place!  Both of these tables are recycled.

To the left of my table is a recycled set of drawers on wheels.  Perfect for the studio.  I keep tools, poly paste, rollers, brushes etc I use on a regular basis on the top of these drawers as you can see.  The top drawer has baby wipes, and personal stuff like hand cream, baby powder, nail files etc (no need to see in this one).  Middle drawer has all my tubs of liquid clay concoctions – yum! and bottom drawer is the filing cabinet section and I’ve got all sorts of papers, silkscreens, foils etc in various files in this one.

Right behind my main clay table is another set of drawers (yes recycled) on wheels which is my liquid clay station.  I have this set up all the time.  The top drawer has things like scrap paper, multix-bake paper, alfoil, rubber gloves etc.  Middle drawer is perfect for all my shape cutters etc.  The bottom drawer is my clay and liquid clay drawer.  This is close to a power point and my heat gun is always plugged in (but turned off at the point when not in use).  I’ve got plenty of skewers on hand and a jar to pop freshly liquid clayed pieces into (well the skewers go in there).

My curing area is mobile actually and sometimes I’ll cure in the studio or sometimes in the laundry – it all depends on where hubby is (yes he’s sensitive to the smell of kato curing).  I’ve got a great set of cupboards and sink in this area too where I keep all my heavy duty tools, screwdrivers, curing equipment, sanding stuff etc.

I’ve got plenty of cupboard and shelving space for all those supplies.  I try and use recycled plastic containers/shoe boxes/wooden boxes/gift boxes where I can for two reasons.  I don’t have to spend lots of money on fancy containers for all my stuff (more money for clay) and I’m doing my little bit for the environment.  You’ll note the pic on the right shows shelving right next to my liquid clay station.  This is directly behind my clay table and houses things like pastels, powders, micas, texture, alcohol inks etc.  Most of this stuff I use on a regular basis so it saves me getting up and down all the time.  My chairs are also recycled and on wheels and I have a chair at each table.

My computer table (yes this is also recycled) sits just to the left of my clay table.  I have a laptop to work on but a monitor allows me to keep my head up at all times.  I never use my laptop anywhere else now so no slouching for me on the lounge with the laptop.

I have a small gallery type area where I love to display recently made pieces.  I’m not sure why because I don’t sell from the studio but it’s kinda nice to have a few things on display.

This is the view from hubby’s side of the room (he’s so lucky to get to look at this when he’s working haha) so you can get a bit of an idea on how things look.

I don’t really care that I don’t have matching tables or pretty storage containers or fancy cupboards to put things in.  What matters to me is the work-ability of the space and at this point in time – it’s working well.  There are things I would love to do in here but just have to wait until hubby gets ousted to a kids room (when they eventually move out).

So that’s it for the studio…I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour.

I would love to hear about how you recycle in the studio.

Thanks everyone and by for now.

Love Deb



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