I recently posted a video tutorial showing how I created a veneer using scrappy stripes, embossing powder and texture.  You can access the YouTube video tutorial here:

Polymer Clay Veneer with Embossing Powder and Texture

and this is what you’ll end up with.

It occurred to me some of you may not know how to create the scrappy stripe veneer to start off with.  Here’s a link to a blog post I wrote a few years back on how to create the stripes:

Scrappy Stripes Tutorial


Once I had the veneer complete I was ready to create a finished piece.  I drew a template first of a large pebble shape (these are my current fave shapes).  I placed this over my veneer, cut it out and then cured it.  Once cured, I then laid this over a complimentary colour of clay and  cut out a second pebble shape.  This one was cured then sanded well to create a smooth finish both back and front.  I then carved around the edges with a lino carving tool and added white acrylic paint to the surface.  This was then wiped off to create highlights in the carved areas.  I finished with a nice, chunky bead and some white, twisted cord.  I was quite happy with the outcome of this one…simple but effective.


Here’s a few ideas on other ways you can use your scrappy stripes (and I know there are many more!!):

And what about creating beads out of scraps – these are so fun to make.  You can access my blog post with full instructions here:

Scrappy Beads


Scrap clay is never wasted.  I sure hope this has given you a little inspiration to use up your scrap clay.  How do you use your scrap clay?

I sure hope you all have fun in the studio.  Bye for now.

Love Deb










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