Hi everyone,

I love to collect stuff.  I love to collect all sorts of bits and pieces.  I have boxes and bags and crates full of it – all labelled by the way, so I know where it goes!!  I’ve been given lots of treasures over the years and you know, I remember every piece and where it came from.  I’ve actually been using lots of these treasures in a large piece I’ve been working on for a National Contemporary Art Jewellery Prize here in Australia but while I’ve had everything out, I thought I would play around and just see where exploration took me.

I grabbed all sorts of bits and pieces – ocean inspired of course – and popped them on the table/floor/bench in the studio and went through them all.

I then decided to create a rustic style necklace (Shaman inspired) so chose a felted cord I had half created about 5 years ago and wrapped it with some fabric I had dyed…gosh about 8 years ago).  I used wire to secure it all in place (recycled copper wire stripped from electrical cables).  I chose a large feature button which I was so generously given by Lisa Lambright and Mary when I was in Denver last year (awesome button) and used this as a feature clasp.  Some of the dyed fabric made a great loop.

Next came working out what to put on my necklace from my stash of goodies.  I played around quite a bit actually.  I dyed the fish scales but they didn’t quite match the colour.  I ended up choosing all the sea urchin spines, cleaned them up and drilled a hole through them.  These were then wired onto the main frame with a beautiful driftwood piece as the feature component.  I then finished with some shells I collected especially because of the holes.

And this is the finished piece.  It will probably never get worn but I’m getting a nice collection of “ocean inspired” statement pieces together which I just love.  I hope you like this one too.

Until next time, happy creating you guys.

Love Deb



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Linda Rael
5 years ago

Hi Debbie, love these necklaces…so tribal and ancient looking. I have never seen sea urchins spikes like the pointy ones. Did you buy them…they are wonderful.