The City of Greater Geraldton put a call out recently for artists to send in submission to create amazing Christmas decorations from old cray pots.  There were 10 pots on offer and artists were to come up with concepts that were a little “left-of-centre”.  Rachel Weaver and I have collaborated in the past on artworks and decided to get together and come up with some ideas.  We handed in our submission for 4 different designs and were lucky enough to be awarded 8 of the 10 pots.  This means we would create two of each design.  We’ve been working on these pots for some time now and have almost finished and I have to say, what a pretty awesome time I’ve had creating with Rachel.  We always work so well together and have lots of laughs.

Let me share some pics with you.

This is what each pot looks like – they are the old type (this one is painted green of course).

Painted polystyrene balls for the Chrissy Baubles Wreath.  We used Ironlak spray paint on these and the metallic paint actually ate into the polystyrene which looks incredible.

Expandable foam makes for a brilliant pavlova.  This stuff is amazing and can definitely see myself using it more.  Poor Rachel had to do all the carving but she handled it well.

The plugger wreaths are taking shape.  Rachel and I both chose a particular colour scheme and luckily they all worked in beautifully together.  We used Ironlak spray paint to make the job of painting “pluggers” easier.

…and last but not least…the Aussie Wreaths.  I had planned on creating quite a few polymer bits and pieces for all of these wreaths but unfortunately couldn’t due to neck and shoulder injury.  I did manage a couple of things though which will be included in the Aussie Wreath.  Can you pick the polymer items?

I’ll have more pics to share with you soon as the wreaths are getting very close to being finished.  What a brilliant project this has been and must say huge thanks to the City of Greater Geraldton for such a wonderful opportunity and my awesomely creative friend Rachel for making this process so much fun.

Be sharing again soon.

Love Deb





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