The City of Greater Geraldton asked local artists for expressions of interest for ArtDrive 2017.  ArtDrive 2017 is a self-drive art tour that takes explorers on a colourful journey throughout the Midwest. There are 20 different art installations along the route, with each one centred around the theme ‘old is new again’.

I decided to submit an expression of interest and was lucky enough to be chosen.  The concept for my artwork came about when I was having a game of scrabble with my daughter Dusty.  She was using her iphone to look up words and I was using a dictionary (yes, cheating I know).  It led to a conversation about the number of “things” an iphone now takes the place of – a dictionary being one.  My idea was to re-create nanna’s living room and allow the public to walk through searching for those items that are now not needed/wanted due to the existence of iphones.  The artwork centres around the table where the scrabble game is taking place.  You can tell from the items that I chose to include in the space, the scrabble game is between a nanna and her teenage granddaughter.  I also wanted to highlight the “disposable or throwaway society” we now live in.  I remember my nanna used to salvage zips, buttons and lace from items of clothing before they were thrown away. Everything that could be saved was. You’ll find many of my nanna’s things in this living room and I have to say, absolutely everything in this room has been included for a reason.

This is the old building where the installation is located in Greenough at the Visitors Centre.  Furniture and items delivered ready to be set up.

This is the finished space.  It was a bit difficult to get a good picture because it was so sunny on the day.  Dusty (my gorgeous daughter) came along to help (this was the beginning of my neck and shoulder problem).  She’s sitting at nanna’s spot at the table and you can clearly see where the teenage granddaughter is sitting.

I always remember my nanna having lots of “stuff”.

The swan doily, dolly tea pot cover and horse rider embroidered doily were all made by my nanna.  They would be around 40+ years old.  I’m so honoured to include them in this installation.

So that’s a quick peak at my artwork for ArtDrive 2017.  I sure hope you like it.

Love Deb










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