As a bit of a personal challenge this year, I decided to enter a few Art Prizes and of course, the IPCA Art Awards were high on my list.  I had already been working with some beautiful crab claws my son had given me (and other oceany bits) so continued working in this theme and came up with 3 pieces to enter. The theme To Boldy Go, first brought thoughts of large, statement type pieces so that’s the direction I took.

So here are my entires with the Artist Statement below.

Champagne Crab

How delicious is the delicate meat of a crab?  We savour the flavour and marvel at the amount of luscious white meat in each claw. And when we’re done, those large, strong claws end up in compost or land fill somewhere.   So let me take those claws and breath new life into them.  Let me surround them with colourful goodness and let me show off their true beauty once again.  Creating a mixed media, sculptural artwork in the shape of a necklace tells the story of my journey and the joy in creating bespoke jewellery pieces.  Each polymer and mixed media component has been created as a stand alone element but when arranged together creates an artistic symbolic neckpiece.

Materials used:  Polymer clay, real crab claws and crab leg components, real coral, Tyvek paper, Swarovski beads and crystals, copper artistic wire, foils.

Size:  32cm wide x 39cm long

Ode to Red 2

A son who brings you quirky gifts is a special son who understands his mum well.  Knowing the lengths he goes to bring me such gifts is overwhelming and fills my heart with love.  Crab claws that are lovingly saved, cleaned and presented need to be respected and treasured.  The techniques I’ve chosen to include in this piece are special to me and have significant meaning – just like the crab claw.

Materials used:  polymer clay, real crab claw, square wooden beads, artistic wire.

Size:   20cm wide x 42cm long

Wild Horses

The symbolic meaning of a wild horse – the Mustang – is ultimate freedom.  Freedom to think outside the square, freedom to be bold, freedom to take chances and freedom to create something you love.

Materials used:  polymer clay, horse hair, artistic wire.

Size:  19cm wide x 39cm long


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Jan Falk
6 years ago

Oh, Debbie. You sure know how to boldly go forth. Thank you so much for posting these. They’re meaningful, superbly crafted, art to wear. All 3 are impressive. I hope you are not competing against yourself!