For the last 3 days I’ve been in the studio…no housework, no washing, no cooking, no visitors, no phonecalls, no driving…nothing but playing in the studio.  I don’t normally get this good a run but….hubby is away – woohoo!!  ohh I mean – gee I miss him! hahaha  Actually I do miss him but I decided this would be the best time to get into the studio and get stuck into some creating, playing, experimenting…you get it!  He’s actually in America visiting his brother and our eldest son has gone with him also so it’s just me and gorgy daughter Dusty at home (who takes no looking after whatsoever) so I’ve been in the studio at 6.00am and finish up at about 4.00pm.

I’ve been playing with alcohol inks and liquid clay (creating a glaze) plus some other luscious liquid clay concoctions.  It’s always soooooo awesome to play with liquid clay.

If you haven’t yet mastered the technique of curing Kato Liquid Clay you might want to check out my tutorial Curing Kato Liquid Clay and So Much More.  Honestly, once you learn how to do this it opens up a whole world of surface possibilities.  The majority of the components I created had at least two coats of liquid clay – the first coat took me about 42 seconds and the third about 30 seconds.  It should definitely not take you any longer than this.

Anyway let’s get on to showing you what I’ve done over the last few days.  I had created some leaf shapes to coat but today decided to create simple ovalish shapes with a lace imprint (these are the ones I could have just kept creating more and more and more).

I took this photo in the sun so you could see the shimmer on the surface of the component.

And these are some of the  finished pieces I’ve created over the last few days.  I kept a similar theme throughout and played with different stringing options and colour combinations.  I think most of these jewellery findings are vintage now (meaning they’ve been sitting in my studio for a looooong time haha – time to use them up).

Hmmm studio day tomorrow…I wonder what I’ll do??

Have a great day everyone.

Love Deb





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6 years ago

Wonderfully brilliant!