I recently had a massive cleanout in the studio and sorted everything.  It all got rearranged and labelled (yes I’m obsessive) and dusted and wiped…you get the picture…huge cleanout.  Well I found all sorts of goodies in boxes and bags and hidden in cupboards – hmmm way too much.  I decided to get it out, sort through it all and see if I could use any of it – mix and match – you know what I mean.

I managed to find a couple of components that would work together with one of the new pendants so made one new piece up.  It’s quite simple but something I like and would wear so was happy with the first one.














…and that’s when things fell apart.  I got bored with that really quickly and decided to do a little bit of playing around so out came the silkscreens and the disperse dye.  I decided to continue on with the theme I had been playing around with the last couple of weeks but changed up the surface treatments and veneers.

These pieces ended up being quite time consuming but I was determined to get the four of them finished by the end of the day and that included some sanding which I’m totally not used to.  These really were experimental pieces as I wasn’t sure how the texture I created was going to work with the silkscreens but I persisted and ended up quite happy with the finished pendants.




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