I watched a movie just recently called Plastic Ocean and I have to say, it had a huge impact on me.  I won’t go into all the details but let’s just say my attitude towards what I create and how much I create has changed incredibly.  Rather than create a pile of things which will inevitably end up in a box somewhere, I’ve decided to create with thought and finish things off.  So today I made necklaces and earrings – Bohemian inspired.

I’ve also decided to use supplies I already have rather than buy more.  I can hear you all laughing at me now…and yes, it sounds un-doable but I plan on giving it a red hot go!  I found so much “stuff” in the recent studio cleanup and honestly, half of it I had forgotten about, so no more buying “stuff” – time to use it up.

Today, I dragged it all out and got creating.

I decided to use some of the polymer clay leaves I’ve been creating lately.

I used Swarovski crystals, feather, antique gold findings and wired most of it all together with coloured artistic wire.

and you know, I never make earrings…but I thought today would be a good day to make some.  Actually I thought these might be nice gifts for the participants at the Las Vegas Clay Carnival…and what fun it is to make earrings!!

I’m looking forward to more studio time now and exploring more earrings perhaps.

I hope everyone has had a great day.

Love Deb





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6 years ago

I love the effect on the purple and the green necklaces ! beautiful !

dayl jones
6 years ago

Loving your new stuff Debbie…your creativity knows no bounds! I totally hear what you are saying about making tonnes of stuff that will just be left in a box…I am increasingly trying to be a bit more selective about the pieces I take to the baking stage and will often now discard what I would previously have baked (just to see how it works out) so that I am only producing what will get used!…..you can never have enough ‘mud’ anyways huh!! Have to say I absolutely love making earrings myself and find that I’m much more creative with them… Read more »