It was a bloody brilliant day in the studio today – nice and cool (thank goodness) so perfect for getting lots of work done.

I finally finished off a few necklaces that will be coming with me to Hawaii.  I’ve been playing around with the placement of components for quite a while now and just like magic – everything fell into place beautifully today.  These contain a variety of components including some of the coloured Kato Liquid Clay beads.  If you don’t know how to cure Kato Liquid Clay, check out the tutorial – it’s easy peasy.

Here’s the link:  Curing Kato Liquid Clay and So Much More

Let’s have a look at the finished pieces.

Some yummy crackly sticks and stones have been included as well.

Don’t forget the Swellegant Tutorials are all still on special for $12AUD until the end of February (normal price $15AUD).

Here’s the link for the tutorial:

Explorations in Swellegant – Cobblestone Techniques

Explorations in Swellegant – Raw and Rusty Techniques

Explorations in Swellegant – Decorative Techniques

and remember there are lots of giveaways for those who purchase any of the tutorials before the end of February.

Phew that’s all that business stuff done…I can get onto telling what my latest project is.  The City of Greater of Geraldton have announced they’ll be holding the Midwest Art Prize again this year and one of the top items on my to-do list is create more pieces for art prizes.  Not that I really want to win anything – it’s more for the experience of entering and the personal satisfaction of it all. Sooooooooo I played with crab claws today.  Now I can’t show you too much for obvious reasons, but I can tell you a little bit about my entry. My eldest son is a hunter and gatherer and comes home with all sorts of “goodies”.  I started keeping bits and pieces and decided to put a variety of them together in one huge piece to pay homage to my awesome son who continually fills our freezer with yumminess – what a great kid he is.  Well the concept is a bit more complex than that but I don’t really want to ramble on too much and I’ll leave all that for the artist statement in a future blog. Let’s have a look at some of the fun in the studio today.


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dayl jones
7 years ago

Wow….that’s one mahoosive crab claw!!! Loving the skeletal looking bits and pieces and can’t wait to see what you do with them.

Debbie Crothers
Debbie Crothers
7 years ago
Reply to  dayl jones

oh Dayl, I just realised that I’ve been replying to you via email and not on the blog itself. So sorry, although I guess it doesn’t matter really because you still get my reply I support. I’ve just finished creating the mahoosive crab claw piece and it’s at the framers now but I think I might work on something a little quirkier (like maybe crab claw and doll hands!!!!!). Another entry for the art prize so not anything that would be worn. Anyway will see how I get on. Thanks so much for your comment Dayl.