Today I decided to use some of the Swellegant veneers that are covering my desk…there are so many of them!

I love mixing the Damask silkscreens with the rusty crackle – what a great combination (well I love it).

As usual, let’s just check out the pics.

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3 Comments on "Featuring Swellegant and MOIKO Silkscreen Veneers"

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I’m so happy ! Swellegant are now available in France ! I bought lots of bottles, I will finally be able to try the tutorial !


Yes it’s a very nice combination, a vintage look ! is the crackled effect on the second tutorial ? I’m interested by the first one, but i love this crackled effect too !

Debbie Crothers

Hey Sophie, this is from the second tutorial, you’re right. I think I love this effect as well, although quite different to the first tutorial. Hard to choose which is my favourite. So glad you like them, thank you.

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