Tuesday again and fun time in the studio – woohoo!  I decided to play with Swellegant again today. I’ve been thinking of a few different veneer variations lately so of course had to give them a try and after a few failures, I managed to stumble across a technique that worked really well.  I loved the outcome of these and when I turned them into beads I was really happy.  Gosh it’s those little that get me excited!

Just a tip for those that use Swellegant and find their product a little on the gluggy side:  I added some clean, cold water to the bottle (just a small amount) and shook vigorously and it seems to make a huge difference to the consistency of the product.  It was smooth and creamy and easy to use.

I made a couple of huge “in your face” type pods featuring the Swellegant veneer and lace veneer – not sure what they’ll become.  I also made a smaller pod with the dot veneer and really love this one actually.  I think I have a plan for him.  Here’s a few pics to show you.

debbie-crothers-swellegant-and-lace-pods-1 debbie-crothers-swellegant-and-lace-pods-2 debbie-crothers-swellegant-and-lace-pods-3 debbie-crothers-swellegant-pod-2 debbie-crothers-swellegant-veneers-1 debbie-crothers-swellegant-veneers-2 debbie-crothers-swellegant-veneers-4



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Wow these are stunning Deb!

Debbie Crothers

thanks gorgeous


I love this post! Your veneers are wonderful!

Deb Beechy

These look great!


Debbie, I just love the lace booking this. Is it one of your tutorials. I’m so fascinated by this little pod


Debbie, is the lace veneer part of your tutorials? I’m simply fascinated by these!!!

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