Soooooo excited to be going to Brisbane next year.  It’ll be a triple whammy for me.  Not only will I get to meet some awesome clayers I’ve only ever chatted to online, I’ll also get to catch up with a couple of old friends (no they’re not old, I’ve just known them for a while)  PLUS I get to see my gorgeous son who is now living in Brisbane.

So today’s studio day I actually decided to sort out the workshop content for Brissy.  It can be a lengthy process actually by the time you sort out what the project will be, experiment so you know it’s going to work, create samples, create advertising flyer, tools and materials list, student notes and my notes – phew – it can take a while that’s for sure so it’s been a full on day.

Let’s just hope everyone is happy with what I’ve got planned.
I can tell you the workshops are going to be held on Sunday 12 and Monday 13 March, 2017. More info to come out soon.

Here’s just a few sneak peak pics.  This is the first day – Bootylishus Beads!!

This is the second workshop planned for Monday 13 March.  Pebeo and Polymer – I looooooove this class and absolutely love everything you can do with this paint.  This one is so much fun that’s for sure.

 I thought I would just share these as well as I finally got around to taking some pics of these ones.  Swellegant sticks – these will be included in the new tutorial (which I have to get sorted very very soon!!)

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7 years ago

Hi Debbie How will I know when and where I can sign up for the Brisbane workshops?
Sue from Bris.

Angela Bowie
7 years ago

Ooooooo… I would looooove to do your workshops in Brissy!! I love the lace and crackle together 😊