Ok it’s official…I’ve decided I really hate finishing things off.  I love making components and beads and all sorts of bits that go together but I really struggle when it comes to the “making it up” stage. I’m sure there are a few who know what I’m talking about because I’ve seen many a conversation stating exactly that 🙂

Today was studio day (Tuesday of course) so I thought right….time to get stuck into putting some of these things together (mind you I had pieces all over the studio – I totally should have taken a pic first).  As I got into it I had boxes of wire, chain, cording, beads, findings…oh my gosh….literally everywhere.  It wasn’t a pretty sight (well it was actually – I do love all that stuff).  Sometimes it just doesn’t work and I’m simply not in the mood and I should have realised that right at the beginning when things started to go wrong!!  I should have packed it all away then and just played with clay but I didn’t…I persisted and after the whole day all I got done was 3 pieces.  I did have to make up some additional BIG BEADS but they didn’t take long….it was the putting together…oh my gosh…you can sense my frustration can’t you!! hahaha

Ok I’ll show you the first two that I was quite happy with.

Now I’ll show you the one that I struggled with over and over.  I’ve realised there are at least 3 things majorly wrong with this piece but I’m so not ready to try and make another one.  I wonder if you know what I don’t like?

and of course I had to play with the leftovers today – I made a little crackle bowl.

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I am so getting where you are coming from. Boxes of beads and no clear idea of how to put them together in a pleasing design. BTW, love the first piece.


I am entranced. I found my way to your blog, now I'm going to have to go back and read every dang word! So much fun, so much information, so much creativity. Love it. Thanks for sharing.


The wire in combination with those big bumpy beads is just fab! So get your wire and don't put them all on the same (boring?) string?! The first two really hit me!!

Sharon Robinson

I am with you on this Debbie, I have boxes of beads not made into anything because I just love the bead making. Love your days work though, it wasn't wasted.



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