I’m so impatient….I should have waited to get some of Gosia’s beautiful mandala silkscreens but I just couldn’t!!  I wanted to try another mixed media canvas using these silkscreens and decided the tribal patterns would work well for this boho themed canvas also….oh but I really should have waited.  I guess I’ll just have to do another one now.

Anyway let’s get onto what has happened over the last few days.

These are the polymer clay components – you can see a little bit of mixed media in here already.  I’ve also used Moiko Silkscreens but really need to play around with colouring a little more with this BOHO style.  See I was way too impatient.  Note to self to slow down!

Luscious tyvek pieces.

Some boho cord and ribbon.

Yummy wire.

Oh yum!!! Shimmer sheets and Angelina Fibres.

and an assortement of other bits and pieces.
So with all my goodies collected and on my table ready to use – it’s time to piece the zigsaw puzzle together.  Things got wired to other things, bits got wrapped, pushed and covered, paper got melted, fibres got singed and after all that….these are some of the little creations that evolved.
Lots of these pieces are incredibly shiny so it’s very hard to get a good pic without the glare.

Some individual components.



 Lots of these pieces can be interchanged because the colour scheme is similar throughout.  
I sure hope you like these.
Bye for now.

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7 years ago

Did I pass this Time? 😊

7 years ago

I love your stuff – your use of color and prints makes me so happy! I’ll miss your page, so I’m subscribing so I don’t have to miss you!

Carla Carella
7 years ago

They are beautiful Debbie! love them