The lovely Malgorzata (Gosia) contacted me quite a while ago and asked if I wanted to try some of her silkscreens and finally I’ve had a bit of time free to sit and play…and wow do I love them.  The tribal pattern and faces are some of my favourites and they are exactly what I had in mind for what I was planning.

I’ve had an idea in my head for quite some time to create “dirty” silkscreen components that work together and I’m so happy with how some of these have turned out.  I’m still in the process of creating components and haven’t turned everything into finished pieces yet but thought I would share what I have done so far.

Gosia has such a large variety of silkscreens that would work so well for different themed pieces – these designs are just perfect for the theme I wanted.  The screens come packaged beautifully with a colour instruction sheet as well and I must say these screens are very easy to use.  There is a shiny side and a dull side and I must admit, I found it a little bit tricky to tell which side was which – hmmm maybe that could be my “old” eyes.  I’ve used the screens both ways and have found they’ve worked well either way and I haven’t had any problems with the screens being damaged. It’s obviously recommended to use them the right way though.  These screens will take acrylic paint and powders of any sort and they wash off easily. I’ve found they don’t curl up when dry and I’ve used one particular screen about 30 times (phew lots of practicing that’s for sure) and it’s still in great condition.  If you look after your screens, they should last a long time.

I must say a huge thanks to Gosia for her incredibly generous gift and I certainly hope I’ve done her screens justice.

Grab Moiko silkscreens here Moiko Silkscreens

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Fran OnTheEdge
7 years ago

Oh I've got Kato Liquid. Haven't used it like that though, I've just used it to make 'glass-like' beads. But I've got a few pendants where I used some Mokune Gane with silver foil, which looks great but a little dull. Knew I could use resin, but I'm not happy with the wastage and awkwardness of using resin, so I've been putting it off, forgot I could also use Kato Liquid, so thanks for the reminder. Absolutely LOVE your work. I just looked at this and the mixed media page. Fantastic work!

Charlotte Post
7 years ago

Love! Do you use Kato Liquid to get the glass like look and shine?

7 years ago