Last night I attended the opening of Barndi Mara Jewellery Exhibiton here in Geraldton which features a beautiful range of polymer and silver clay jewellery.

Rachel McKenzie originally initiated the project with a group of indigenous women in Mullewa, Western Australia.  The 4 women involved were Debra Maher, Susan Merry, Wendy Jakamarra, and Barbara Comeagain.

The artists reflected on Tallering Peak which is a significant landmark in the area and features heavily in their stories and memories.

They first created their paintings and then, with the guidance and assistance of Rachel, created polymer clay canes to mimic their art.  This was then turned into finished pieces of jewellery by Rachel, Janine Crudeli and myself.

The exhibition opened last night and was an outstanding success.  These pieces hold great significance and to see them all together was quite breathtaking.

Huge congratulations to the amazing Rachel and the wonderful ladies involved in the project…I was incredibly honoured to take a small part in this beautiful story.

The Story behind the project.

The amazing Rachel.
Debra Maher
Wendy Jakamarra

Susan Merry
These are the 4 paintings:  Wendy (top left) Susan (top right) Debra (bottom left) Barbara (bottom right). Unfortunately Barbara couldn’t make the exhibition.
Barbara Comeagain

Debra Maher
Susan Merry
Wendy Jakamarra

A professional photo shoot was organised showcasing the finished pieces.  My little photos don’t do them justice I’m afraid.

This is the incredibly talented Janine Crudeli who was asked to assist in creating finished pieces with the canes the ladies had created.

Some of the stunning pieces Rachel created incoporating silver clay and polymer clay.

These are 3 pieces I created using the beautiful canes.  They made exceptionally good tube beads!!
Jewellery:  Barbara Comeagain. Susan Merry, Wendy Jakamarra, Debbie Crothers, Photography Carlo Fernandes, Models: Marlikka Perdrisat, Clare Pickersgill, Alina Tarshina, Make Up: Ady Grader Orupe, Hair: Maria Caruso, Styling: Eddie Dos Santos

Amazing silver jewellery created by Rachel McKenzie incorporating her stunning silver clay designs and polymer clay canes (of course created by the ladies).  Jewellery:  Barbara Comeagain. Janine Crudeli, Debbie Crothers, Rachel McKenzie Photography Carlo Fernandes, Models: Marlikka Perdrisat, Clare Pickersgill, Alina Tarshina, Make Up: Ady Grader Orupe, Hair: Maria Caruso, Styling: Eddie Dos Santos

The necklace here was made by myself and earrings created by Janine Crudelli.  They matched beautifully.
Jewellery:  Barbara Comeagain. Earrings Janine Crudeli, Necklace Debbie Crothers, Photography Carlo Fernandes, Model Alina Tarshina, Make Up Ady Grader Orupe, Hair Maria Caruso, Styling Eddie Dos Santos

Note:  I received special permission to take these photographs.  Professional photos also feature in my blog and all their info is included underneath each picture.

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dayl jones
7 years ago

I’m just reading your blog archives Debbie and came across this one. Just wanted to say how impressed I am with the entire concept. I am left totally moved by the collaberation of all concerned….fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!!!

Erin Prais-Hintz
7 years ago

What an outstanding collaboration! I will have to remember this concept…to turn paintings into canes into jewelry. I love that you had the stunning pieces photographed on models. I could see that working well in the cooperative gallery that I am a part of simply because we have artists in all mediums. Your work is exceptionally lovely but what I love most is the interconnectedness of the entire project and how much more significant it is when you intertwine the arts! Enjoy the day! Erin

Pica Zorra
7 years ago

Totally impressive… the story behind it and the jewellery. What an excellent collaboration of artists. Congrats to all concerned!