Aaaahhhhhh….today was a good day.
I created a video tutorial on a chalky veneer a few days ago and posted it to YouTube.  Yes, to my surprise, I managed to do it.  It was actually quite easy so I think I may do a few more.  I certainly don’t want it to take over that’s for sure, but if I have something I think might be of interest to others, I’ll certainly be happy to share.
Here’s the link to the  video if anyone is interested:
So today, I thought I would play around with the technique a little and combine it with some boho elements.  I like big, statement pieces and this one is certainly big that’s for sure.  The round mandala type element is 8cm in diameter and the whole piece measures 21cm in length.  Not for the fainthearted.
I found some beautiful lace shorts at the second hand shop the other day and knew they would work beautifully for this technique.  What a great find.
I also playing around with a few different variations on this basic technique so there may be another video happening soon – yay!





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