What happens when you have a million different veneers of clay on your workspace and you want to try everything all at once?….well you just combine them all and make striped tubes don’t you!

I had been playing with the silkscreen cabochons (using screens from Ilysa and Kyra at PolymerClayTV), also incorporating crackle sheets from Tina Holden’s crackle tutorial and decided to play around with some beads as well…..the result….a Technique Fusion Bead.  These beads incorporate a range of different veneers from Tina’s crackle, silkscreens, foiled clay, mica shift, faux lamp work and some additional surface embellishing.

Let’s have a look at some of the finished pieces.  Most of these have at least two layers of Kato liquid clay on them…the shine is amazing.

















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7 years ago

Looking at your work always makes me feel happy. And the idea of a day that is all mine makes me giddy. Will have to talk to the hubby about that. I cannot believe how shiny and glass-like your work is. I am still trying to work out how to get liquid clay to stay on a curved surface without getting all gloppy at the bottom! Deana

7 years ago

I love Tina Holden's crackle tutorial! It is amazing!

Julie L. Cleveland
7 years ago

Wonderful beads! Now, I have to go and play. Thank you for the inspiration.

Lupe Meter
7 years ago

Oh my, Debbie I just love all your beautiful creations!! So many beautiful patterns and colors! You definitely inspire many of us in the polymer clay community! Thank you for sharing and for the inspiration!

7 years ago

I think you have inspired me! Lovely and wonderful way to focus my skipideduda brainwaves. Thanks for sharing.