As part of “Womens Week” in Yalgoo I was contracted to run a day session of beading with the ladies.  These women haven’t done anything much in the way of beading so I took lots of shiny, scrumptious beads with me, some simple findings and lots of memory wire and stretch elastic and showed them how to make some very simple jewellery pieces.  After a lovely welcome and smoking ceremony the beading started and once they started….there was no stopping them.  I’m sure we have some beading converts in this lot…and not surprisingly, their colour and design skills were exceptional, even though our projects were quite simple.  Yalgoo has a population of about 100 and to have close to 20 women throughout the day, of all ages was incredible.  I reconnected with some lovely ladies and had such a wonderful day.  
I must say huge thanks to Sheree Wallis for organising me to come and be part of Womens Week…it was just amazing.

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