I received a lovely email from Tina Holden quite a while ago now asking if I was interested in having a play around with her Crackle Tutorial.  I do love Tina’s work so jumped at the chance.  So first up I must thank Tina for gifting the tutorial to me – it really is a good one.  
The tutorial calls for some very unique products but they are easily found and you probably have them in your home already and of course, they are very inexpensive.  Now the crackle that’s achieved in this tutorial has lots of variations and unfortunately I ran out of time to try them all but what I did manage to get done, I was really pleased with.  Please keep in mind the resulting crackle is created on a veneer of clay or a flat sheet.  This is where the experimenting came in for me.  I don’t normally create flat pieces…I love to make 3d shapes or beads so I was excited to find the veneer handles being shaped beautifully.  It also takes a liquid clay coating beautifully so I was very happy with that.  Let’s have a look at some of the pics.

The above 3 examples are all a result of following the instructions exactly.
I had a play around with Tina’s technique and tweaked it a little to create some different veneers that I just love….a reverse silkscreen.
I tired first on a relatively flat surface to see how the veneer would handle the manipulation.  It went beautifully.
I then tried wrapping the veneer to create beads and again, it worked beautifully.

and some silver lined cone beads….just for fun.
I love the different crackles you can achieve with this technique and found it easy and very informative.  Thanks Tina.
Here’s the link to Tina’s tutorial

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Tina Holden
7 years ago

Love the red golden crackle as well as the idea of reverse silkscreening! Ive used stamps and scribbled and used foil on it, but didn't think of silkscreening even tho I make those too! lol. I knew you'd do something 'Debbie style'! Love those tubular fluted beads. kinda leave me speechless really….