What an amazing project this was to be part of – something I’ll remember for a while that’s for sure.  I was lucky enough to be involved in a unique project with the students of Mullewa creating a range of polymer clay projects.  The polymer clay portion of the class was then complemented with a chat from other associations to further “get the message across”.  The young students (as shown in the pic below) created cute little polymer clay dogs and then a couple of members from the Dog Shelter came in to talk about how to look after your pet dogs.  I even made little dog leads for them and they turned out so cute, the kids just loved them.

Mid primary age students created hearts and then had a talk on bullying and feeling safe.  We also had a group of students who created image transfer beads with a picture they had to bring along that made them feel happy.  They then had a talk on what makes them happy, bullying, feeling safe etc. We had a total of 14 of the senior students attend which was just amazing.  They created “tattoo” beads and were exceptional.  Sometimes it can be difficult to hold their attention but we managed through the magic of polymer clay.

For me, this was one of the happiest weeks ever…..I simply loved working with these kids.  There are many issues these children have to deal with and to be able to bring a little bit of fun and joy into their lives is pure heaven.

Thanks to everyone involved..  Special thanks to Faye at the City of Greater Geraldton Mullewa District Office for organising such an amazing project and I must say a special thanks to Katherine and Faye for being such a wonderful helpers for the week.


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7 years ago

Debbie your joy and enthusiasm in your writing about this speaks buckets about you! A lovely read to start my day! Hugs from Wendy M