Don’t you just love some of the challenges that Sage suggests – she sure comes up with some great ideas to get your brain ticking over.   I’ve taken up a couple of her challenges so far and have ended up pleasantly surprised.  On May 18 The Polymer Arts Blog Post came out and this is what the suggestion was:
Pick up an old copy of The Polymer Arts (or any craft magazine or book) and spend some time with it on your work break, over coffee, or to wind down tonight. Our old magazines and books are a treasure trove of inspiration.  Find something you had wanted to try or find yourself wanting to try now, and do it. Make a goal of attempting of accomplishing a new technique, form, or approach by this weekend, no matter how busy you are.
I actually had one of my favourite polymer clay books on my work table at the time and thought I would share a couple of images with you from the book (I have special permission from the author too by the way – thanks Judy xx…and just so you know, I took the pics here so they’re not the best I’m afraid).  Judy has come up with some very cool and innovative techniques and this book is definately a great one to have on the bookshelf.   
So challenge accepted Sage but it certainly won’t be this weekend.  

Amazing faux glass technique.  I love this one.

Very cool faux batik.

Real raku and faux raku – Judy’s piece here is amazing.

a very cool silkscreen by Gwen Gibson.

and how cool are these mud cloth beads.

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