Blue Fish is still single.  Red Fish 1 totally wasn’t his type.  The very next day he meets Red Fish 2. Hmmm what are his thoughts about her I wonder?  Well for a start she has what looks like a moustache….or perhaps it’s just lips that are way too big, yes that could be it!  She has a crazy looking horn and also has two unusual looking plates on the top of her head very similar to Red Fish 1 (that totally didn’t work the first time so why on earth did I try it again – really what was I thinking!!).

She is a curvaceous looking fish and certainly has a perky tail!  Very attractive…but those strap on fins – it’s sure got Blue Fish wondering.  She’s not really red either, she’s more orange so she should really call herself Orange Fish!!   Is she a fake???  I sure hope not because Blue Fish is just a simple, down to earth kinda fish who wears his heart on his sleeve and he’s just looking for someone to share a simple life with.  I’m just not sure Red Fish 2 is the type of girl Blue Fish should be dating….there’s just something about her that’s not quite right.

will Blue Fish ever find the love of his life??
Stay tuned for more of the story.

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Kimberly Shelt
8 years ago

More green, and more girlie 🙂

Kimberly Shelt
8 years ago

Oh she is lovely in an odd sort of way.. I think the blue fish is in love 🙂 Just in time 🙂