I had a beautiful visit to the lovely warehouse of 2Wards Polymer Clay here in Geraldton, Western Australia and was told about this amazing product by Suzanne Ward.  I actually thought it was similar to the Jones Tones and Lisa Pavelka foils but I was completely wrong.  Found that out after trying to burnish it onto raw clay for 5 minutes and nothing happened!!!  So played around a bit more and found it is pretty amazing simply popped straight onto your raw clay pieces and then baked.  Here’s the process in pics.
Create your base bead and make sure it’s perfect.

Choose your opal mylar piece (there are 9 different opal colours in the sample pack I purchased).

Use very sharp scissors and cut some strips – or whatever you fancy!

I cut mine into small mosaic like pieces.

Create your thread hole.

Time to add the little flimsy bits of paper to the surface.  Now I found if I licked my finger the little flimsy bits of paper would stick easily.  You can do something else if you don’t want to lick your finger 🙂  Position each little piece randomly on the surface – it should stick very well.

This is the back of my piece which has a flat bottom.  You’ll note the little bits of paper wrap around the curves very easily.

Pop onto a small ceramic tile lined with multix-bake paper and bake following the manufacturers recommendations.

This is the piece straight out of the oven.

Note how the edges have changed colour slightly.  Love it.

Just another shot – this is prior to liquid clay.

and another shot prior to liquid clay coating.
Add a layer of liquid clay and cure with a heat gun.

I popped some eyelets into the thread holes to create neat thread holes.

Voila!  Love it. This one has two coats of liquid clay.

So there you have it….easy peasy!  There’s so much more to try with this product I’m sure.
Check out the 2wards polymer clay website and look under Gilding, Foils and Glitter.

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5 years ago

Love your work Debbie and your colours are beautiful

6 years ago

Absolutely LOVE your work. Many thanks for sharing your awesome tutorials.

Cristina Gualtierotti
6 years ago

Hello Debbie , great thanks for sharing so wonderful ideas. I would have a little …stupid..question. How do you obtain so a perfect and shining finish on the beads that I had already admired in your Ironlak video?

6 years ago

Hi Debbie, thanks for the tutorial. It looks great. As a beginner to Polymer clay, I like simple tutorials to try. From Tassie

María Eva Ramos - Niná Studio

Hello Debbie, thank you for sharing your techniques, big hugs and regards from venezuela!!!