I’ve just recently rediscovered how amazing Friendly Plastic is after working with it to create those scrumptious Debbie Sanders inspired faux lampwork beads….

I played around with this along time ago but finally got around to getting some pics to share with everyone.  
Here’s what you’ll need:
A pendant bezel
Some friendly plastic
Clear Embossing Powder and spoon
Gather your supplies.

Cut up small pieces of friendly plastic and position in your bezel.  Try to make sure the coloured side is facing upwards.

Pop in an oven for 10 minutes or until the friendly plastic melts.  My oven was set at 150 degrees celcius.  Note there are a few blank spots around the edges where the friendly plastic didn’t melt right up to the bezel edge.

Add more friendly plastic and reheat.

That’s better!!

Pick up some clear embossing powder in a spoon and sprinkle onto the top of the bezel.

Wipe off all the excess and smooth over the top.  Pop in your oven again to melt – another 10 minutes should be fine.

Leave your pendant to cool and then add your favourite cord or string to finish.

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